The Mild Kingdom

Ladies, gentlemen, and potato chip bags. Good afternoon and welcome to The Mild Kingdom, where every week we take you around the world for a close up armchair look at the wild world of animals. We show you lions, we borrowed from a zoo, savagely stalk and attack their prey, that we tied down ahead of time to ensure a good camera angle. -Jello Biafra, No More Cocoons.  

It’s not a gun problem, it’s a problem of having too many entrances into schools

The kids aren’t alright, they’re pissed off, and dinosaurs will die. Victoria’s Never Again and March For Our Lives movements descend on the Parliament building on March 24 in solidarity with hundreds of thousands of protesters across the world, demanding action be taken to stop future school shootings and stricter gun laws. *Since these photos were taken there have been more school shootings, the American government has done nothing, and for the icing on the cake Oliver North is now the president of the NRA.   sigh.  

Anti Fascist Rally. Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Nationalism is a peculiar idea. While some celebrate it by eating mushrooms and canoeing on the Bow river, blasting off fireworks or having bbq’s, some folks choose to ignore the lessons of history, disregard the fact that we are all immigrants to this country, unless you are of First Nations descent, and spend their time regurgitating right-wing internet memes that have no actual basis in anything resembling truth. So in light of all the ra-ra-ra’s about how great our country is, let’s spend our next year pulling our heads out our asses and visit some other countries. Canada is a […]

20 Eyes in my Head

The ability to be a wallflower is a skill some folks achieve naturally. Hell, in certain moments I, too, have averted my eyes, ducked into the shadows, crouched down in the crowd. Usually this occurs when some kind of shady shit is going on and the authorities have shown up looking for culprits. . Otherwise, I find I am a very participatory photographer. I engage my subject, form a relationship with them, even for the briefest of moments. That connection may show itself in the slight nod of the head, the locking of eyes, a faint grin. It may also […]

Chron Goblin, Worst Days Down, Seth Anderson and the Oxytocins, and some weirdo’s called Painus!!!!

I’m not sure how Drew Smith did it again this year, but hawt dawg it was a beaut!!  Scrambled for a genny mere hours before kickoff time, our brains somehow pieced together the missing fragments to make some kind of shitshow happen.  All hands on deck, and most vehicles on the good side of the creek, we braved hangovers, cops, moron deficiency disorder and a small creek that global warming decided to route right down the center of the gig.   No matter!!  The circus clowns made it work.   And as the sun slowly set over the imposing comfort […]

Nigel & Lynnea’s East Coast Wedding

I was invited to share a week with Nigel and Lynnea on the East Coast of Canada.  My girlfriend’s parents are from Lunenberg, so every time I’ve been over there I get very fat from eating more fish than moby dick. Luckily the surf on the east coast is quite great, so if you’re not a total lazy ass then you can usually balance it out. I knew that there would be a good mix of this during the week of the wedding, so I brought my cameras and surfboard and hopped on a plane.  Everyday was filled with surfing, […]

Highwood Pass 2016

Carnage!! Mayhem!! Bodies dropping like flies and layers of skin peeling off like cheese through the grater! Despite slower than usual conditions, we managed to somehow show complete disregard for our fragile carcasses and took every chance we had to completely fuck ourselves over.  Cluster fucks, virgin runs, australian citizenship; whatever reason you wish to use to justify this madness, it happened and was morbidly entertaining to those who managed to keep their blood on the inside of their bodies. Certainly one of the funnest and wildest jams to date, with a solid crew of alumni and rookies, babes and […]