Nigel & Lynnea’s East Coast Wedding

I was invited to share a week with Nigel and Lynnea on the East Coast of Canada.  My girlfriend’s parents are from Lunenberg, so every time I’ve been over there I get very fat from eating more fish than moby dick. Luckily the surf on the east coast is quite great, so if you’re not a total lazy ass then you can usually balance it out. I knew that there would be a good mix of this during the week of the wedding, so I brought my cameras and surfboard and hopped on a plane.  Everyday was filled with surfing, boating, swimming, chasing bunny rabbits at 4am around whitepoint beach, campfires and jamming tunes.  Lynnea has one hell of a voice on her, and Nigel’s nimbly fingers got loose with the banjo on several occasions.  Most of their friends and family got wacked by the musical stick too, so the campfire every night was one hell of a time.  Nigel’s sister Amelie gave us some soul blues jams, while Lynnea’s brother Jordan schooled us all on the proper way to play “The Weight” by The Band, several times. There were shakers and harmonicas and pots and pans, and no matter how much of a musical mongoloid you were, there was always a place for you in the jam.  The wedding was held at Mersey River Chalets, in Caledonia, and if anyone in that area needs a perfect venue for a wedding, go check it out.   There were teepees for people to sleep in,  canoes and kayaks on the lake, and  a beautiful forrest surrounding us.   The wedding day was bright and hot, and all the groomsmen had fake tattoos to make them cool.    The party was fuelled by homemade music and homemade booze.  At one point Nigel was wearing Lynnea’s mom’s old wedding dress, battling through a one-arm pushup contest with some of the bridesmaids.   It was hilarious. And strange.  We looked like a wild bunch of clowns and gypsy’s and danced until our legs were like cooked pasta.   Of course it ended with guitars and a firepit. As my teepee was “pre-occupied” by my good friend Fil, I grabbed my sleeping bag and canoed out to a dock in the middle of the lake for a beautiful dawn snooze. Until it started raining at about 5 in the morning, which was kinda romantic, but mostly pissed me off.   These are the kinds of weddings that I wish I could do over and over again.   So please, Lynnea and Nigel, either plan a blitzkrieg of a 1 year reunion, or get divorced and let’s have another round!


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