I am a documentary photographer, based out of Jordan River, BC, with breadcrumbs in the Canadian Rockies, the refugee camps of Bethlehem and the shanty towns of Kampala.

My photography aims to give insights into the humanity that resides beneath the surface of my subjects.  Seemingly banal moments are patiently unveiled to deliver us nuances into the human condition: it’s emotions and complexities that, as a storyteller, demand my attention.  My process has pushed me to not simply be a tourist, capturing the given moment, but rather to realize that beneath us all are intricate layers that command a deeper look.

I hold a certificate in Indigenous studies from Coursera University, a diploma in professional photography from the Western Academy of Photography, and a degree in Professional Communication from Royal Roads University.

Diversity Statement                                                                                                                                                                    Advocating for diversity requires more than orange shirts and land acknowledgements.  As a white, male settler I realize my immunity in certain situations that others are not afforded.  Supporting diversity means exercising my ability to flex this privilege to support and protect minorities when they are threatened, abused or targeted.  It is no longer acceptable to be idle while the status quo continues to marginalize certain people, unjustly.  As a photographer and storyteller, it is my focus to seek out the stories that have been ignored or misrepresented and tell them objectively and truthfully.  I have participated in several projects that hold these ideas as their central motivation and continue to ask for help and patience while I grow to understand the complexities of these matters.