Anti Fascist Rally. Calgary, Alberta, Canada,

Nationalism is a peculiar idea. While some celebrate it by eating mushrooms and canoeing on the Bow river, blasting off fireworks or having bbq’s, some folks choose to ignore the lessons of history, disregard the fact that we are all immigrants to this country, unless you are of First Nations descent, and spend their time regurgitating right-wing internet memes that have no actual basis in anything resembling truth. So in light of all the ra-ra-ra’s about how great our country is, let’s spend our next year pulling our heads out our asses and visit some other countries. Canada is a great place, that’s no lie, but that does not mean that other countries are shit. Go travel, see the world, grow your brain and understanding. And if you cant do that, then possibly spend next Canada day on the river, high on mushrooms and hopefully your infant brain will have some sort of breakthrough and cease filling your small world with so much fear and hatred. June 24, 2017. Western Coalition Against Islam and Calgary Anti-Fascist Association members discuss the finer points of inclusion and hypocrisy at city hall in Calgary, Alberta.

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