Monthly Archives: October 2016

20 Eyes in my Head

The ability to be a wallflower is a skill some folks achieve naturally. Hell, in certain moments I, too, have averted my eyes, ducked into the shadows, crouched down in the crowd. Usually this occurs when some kind of shady shit is going on and the authorities have shown up looking for culprits. . Otherwise, I find I am a very participatory photographer. I engage my subject, form a relationship with them, even for the briefest of moments. That connection may show itself in the slight nod of the head, the locking of eyes, a faint grin. It may also […]

Chron Goblin, Worst Days Down, Seth Anderson and the Oxytocins, and some weirdo’s called Painus!!!!

I’m not sure how Drew Smith did it again this year, but hawt dawg it was a beaut!!  Scrambled for a genny mere hours before kickoff time, our brains somehow pieced together the missing fragments to make some kind of shitshow happen.  All hands on deck, and most vehicles on the good side of the creek, we braved hangovers, cops, moron deficiency disorder and a small creek that global warming decided to route right down the center of the gig.   No matter!!  The circus clowns made it work.   And as the sun slowly set over the imposing comfort […]