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HIGHWOOD 2011!!!

well well well.   back again. holy smokes this is like 2 in less than a month.    madness abounds!!! im not real into some writin right now, so you get a short one and a bunch of images to marinate with. …   ra ra ra. did the highwood.   9th annual?  10th?  7th?    who knows, but this one was pretty great.   last year we got rained out a bit, still went for one bomb which was slow, then saw hank 3 in the city.  fine fine.  this time it was perfect. weather was great,  crew was […]


its been a few days since the last blog, like a thousand or so…   been super busy i guess. pffftt… ive been at home frizzle frying my eyeballs on this computer screen for the last week and a bit.  i got some surgery done to a stupid little hernia, so now i get to have 9 staples holding my guts in and wince in pain everytime i sneeze.   the doc also said i need help with any heavy lifting, so i suppose i should call someone everytime i have to pee…  haha  ummm..(stolenjoke) heres the update.  lots happened […]