Canyon Sessions 2015

Into the Pink, The Renegade Kid, Highkicks, Scorched Banditos, Falcon, The HockeyFight, Napalmpom, DJ Onepiece, Rate Bate, Surrounded by Assholes, Nikki Valentine and the Gypsy Riders, Chieftain, Riverjacks, 4th Street Rats,  10 Minute Detour,The Circus, Clitboner, Bunkbeds.

Holy shit what a roster!  All star alumni of the Canyon Sessions!  Voted party of the year by FFWD magazine 2012, and hated by party poopers and conservation officers far and wide.

This year was not shitty. Big thanks to the bands who could make it out, and for everyone for cleaning up and not overdosing or breaking any ankles.

IMG_6837 IMG_6696 IMG_6702 IMG_6708 IMG_6711 IMG_6714 IMG_6727 IMG_6884 IMG_6692 IMG_6776 IMG_6744 IMG_6774 IMG_6818 IMG_6838 IMG_6847 IMG_6858 IMG_6861 IMG_6895 IMG_6903 IMG_6971 IMG_6987 IMG_7020 IMG_7061 IMG_7112 IMG_7138 IMG_7221 IMG_7250 IMG_7273 IMG_7260 IMG_7187

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