Harold & Jes do the Diddy

well, they got married a this summer, so i figure its about time i made a post for my sisters wedding day. i actually suppose it wasnt really a day, more like an entire week of wedding extravaganza. by the time the wedding actually came and went, i was ready for an entire week of hibernation. it was great to have everyone travel out, and the food and the family and the friends and the booze(uugghh…) but it was a great wedding day and we had a fantastic time. these are the images from that day, from myself and my partner in crime, headly, thanks again for helping me out with the photography. And thanks to harold and jes for gettin hitched, this day obviously couldnt have happened without you.

this is the day before. or the day before before?… jes had the ladies over, and i got there in time to shoot them wrapping her in toilet paper. oh those crazy ladies…

little dilly, doin her best taylor swift.

harold groomin his little dude

dylan, madison, aubrey. 3 great little gals

this was our pre wed dinner, and supposedly the party night before the wedding. dont know what happened to everyone else but im made it!! these are all the bridesmaids.

and these are the moms. smoking?!?! what the heck ma?!?!

my old man didnt say too much. but when he did, he made every girl in the place cry like, well, like a little girl i guess. it was a pretty touching moment.

we did all the family photos before the actual wedding. heres the two lovebirds.

the best man trevor, drinkin some loudmouth soup.

a bunch of cheeky monkies, on our granny alisons bench.

cutie pies

jes great moment captured by headly

my old man, doin his best mick jagger i think

who hired this guy?!?

harold & jes

i love these 2

then we went up to the studio for a couple beers and photos.


harold & trevor

amy, with style

a great shot of the girls, by headly

aubrey at the wedding

seth and pat played at the ceremony, thanks boys yer a swell bunch

3 amigos

happy folks

family portrait

amy havin a cry

this is headlys photo of me taking the next photo from trevors back

woop woop!

i think when jes and harold were haulin ass down the isle they might have mowed down aubrey, cause she looks kinda upset here…

…but it made for a really touching photo

then we had a party

thats that folks. from this point on i think i put my camera down and my dancing shoes on. then i went to sleep for a week.
thanks jes and harold, and all the families and friends. i love you all.

the soundtrack for this post was guns n roses best of, then a band called heartsounds.. wikked!!

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