I got to go on a road trip. then a plane trip. and a trip trip in there too… the road trip started it all. me and my pal benny boy took off at midnight and drove out to van island. it seemed like it only took 3 hours to get there?!? we got a few days surf in, saw some great friends and spent one night drinking really great whiskey and setting napkins on fire in fine drinking establishments. the island was amazing time for certain. theres a good little blog by tristan at this one:

i also got to spend an interesting night aboard my friend jonavens 40ft chinese junk-a-thon in pedder bay. we got worked at 4am by a very sneaky storm.

ok so then we skipped back over to the mainland and got to see The Sword open for Kyuss!!!! i know, it happened it was great and it was at the commodore. if you missed it then you certainly did miss it.
the next morning i had a ticket booked to mazatlan to shoot the wedding of a very fine couple indeed, ciele and garrett staples. i think i actually surprised the bride by making my flight in the morning, like im anything less than professional?! what happend next was a fantastic voyage, and i definitely returned home muy tierno…
enjoy… or else…

this is kyuss at the commodore. an amazing gig.

john garcia

this is jonavens new boat. it is sweet. we got caught in a storm at 4am. i woke to jonaven screaming at me to wake up, good thing i slept in my clothes cause i had to get on the wheel while jonaven pulled up the anchor as we dragged ourselves towards another anchored ship which we missed narrowly. then i proceeded to steer us right onto a sandbank-ive never dealt with a ship like that before, it was dark and pissing rain!?!- good thing it was low tide, the water was rising. we ended up tying a long line to the closest dock and winching ourselves sideways off the sandbar and i guess kinda getting outa some serious shit and into smoother waters. we initially were planning on taking this thing around van island and had a laugh at our abilities and madness in a small bay…good luck to us.

quite happy to be alive and dry in the morning

on to the wedding!! well, the first night there, the best man got into some trouble with the hotel security guard, and the latter ended up getting tossed in the pool by the former. it was kinda funny but not funny to the people that were calling the shots. he ended up getting the boot for the whole trip. so the 2nd day we had a contest for the new best man. strangely enough it was won by a women.

this is raina. she won. she was pretty rad.

we had a pushup contest

we were a little worried about uncle bob during the push up contest. he was goin for it but had to bow out i think he had heart surgery a few weeks before.

cannon ball contest

this is the father of the bride, tank. he was a pretty awesome guy. he lives down by cabo i think and has a tan all year long.


the wedding was on the beach on the edge of the hotel property.

the flower girl dialing her skills

the bride ciele and her amazing daughter jayda. ive never seen a little lady smile so much as this kid

miss jasmine the double headed beauty

ciele’s mom judy is a great lady.

the bride. quite stunning.

this was in the middle of the ceremony, they started playing some mexican god-bless-this-wedding music. it was kinda strange music like something outa hills are alive with sounds of music oompa-pa stuff and i dont think most people knew what the heck was going on. garret and ciele looked over at me and gave a laugh and i got one shot before i had to have a giggle myself.

shiny happy people having fun

ms staples

gettin corked

it was kinda funny and weird when this started happening

the flower toss is always an interesting moment…

…and this one didnt disappoint.

im not sure what was happening here.

garter toss champion.

first dance oh lala

dance dance party 2011!

judy probably having a sweet time.

jasmine, definitely having a sweet time!

after a while with all the dudes’ shirts off, they opened the disco to the other hotel guests and the management told us to put our shirts back on.
they never said anything about pants though…

yep. raina. awesome.

the next day at the beach. what a cute baby, right?

senor and senorita staples

as it was all inclusive, we obviously ended up having a vodka filled bubble bath one night.

your gun is digging into my hip..

the last night we got pretty loose. this face says it all.

this is one of the funniest photos of the trip and i dont remember taking it so i probably didnt, but its great anyways.

thats the trip. i ended up in van for a few days after that, but that another story all together.
thanks to ciele and garrett for allowing me to be a part of this great mad trip to mex. and to all my new friends i met.
and to koltai for letting me invade his apartment and piece of mind. and tristan and jenna, oh i lost my gloves can you make me some new ones please…
its dumping outside and i wanna go shred at lake louise tomorrow..

the tunes for this blog were the new albumn by mariachi el bronx, and the new albumn by puscifer called the conditions of my parole. they are comin got calgary in march be there or be square.


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