well. it happened. surprisingly and quite successfully too. dont know how a bunch of monkeys could have pulled it off, but it happened. THE 2ND ANNUAL CAVE SESSIONS.
word of mouth pretty much made this work out, and more than thought turned out. the cave got decorated pretty good, everyone had a great time, and only dennis fell off the side of the mountain. so i guess all in all it went pretty fine. heres some of the evidence. for the record, i dont think i had my camera for most of the night, but im glad i found it in the morning…

this was basically our welcome sign. a massive bubble gum tv designed by dj 1piece. sage hung a shwackload of paintings and i put up some photos. none of which surprisingly got stolen.

this is kinda from behind the band lookin at the crowd.

this is the circus. they jammed the eff outa the place!

same same from the other side.

sam. havin a real shitty time right!?! attaa boy!!!

this is my good buddy johnny. he came out solo from calgary and had a wikked time. i double dared my friends from banff to come. but obviously they didnt.. hope next year

dance dance party 2011!!

justin and sam of THE CIRCUS

this was the craziest circle pit ever.

benny. lead guitarist from INTO THE PINK. petey on bass in the back.. shit, what a great time.

jerk drummer. dylan apparently thought i was goin pretty good. thanks bud

petey. groovin.

this was us after our first set. we were pretty stoked i believe. i may have even gone and smoked a cig after this im not sure…

this is sage and his family. he was pretty stoked to hang up his art. and hes a fine talent for sure. ocha brotha!

this is J lebrechenstein. rolled in with some great style and proceeded to crash into every and all walls of the cave with his dirtbike.

i think we were singin kumbaya here. possibly..

then it became a free for all jam sesh

DJ 1 piece sukked at setting up his decks so he grabbed the mic and let out his frustration about that and how much he hates socialism…it was an interesting moment for all present.

complete awesome.

sometimes the raddest moves are likely not the safest

yeeaa. thenext thing you know, you come out of the cave and its morning and shit gets weird and theres tourists and families coming up to watch you and your friends surf a log down a scree slide…. pffft!

so i guess thats it. if anyone has anymore evidence, mind where it ends up. for the most part we minded our p’s and q’s, and no one got seriously injured. if they did they had it comin. thanks to all for a great time, and for the climbers who helped us clean up the next day. til next time you freaking neanderthals….

the soundtrack to this one was catacombs by at the drive in , then the supersuckers came on too..

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